Lost Coast Fishing Trips—Northern California Style

Thank you for visiting Fort Bragg Fishing. This type of fishing is for the dedicated, die-hard angler, and the novice that wants to go one step higher. These trips are catered to aggressive fishing methods and are very productive. We are going to be fishing the extremely rugged and scenic area of California’s remote north coast. Because of the remoteness this area is home to trophy pacific halibut, monster lingcod and rockfish. Also fast and furious king salmon fishing during the season, and later in the summer the prized albacore tuna. Very few sport boats have the fuel capacity or the proper United States Coast Guard licensing to be able to pursue this untouched area.

101We leave early in the morning, around 7:00am where we will cruise up the north coast for approximately 2 hours until we reach fishing grounds. Trips usually last around 12 hours. The trips are limited to 6 anglers. Anglers are encouraged to bring food and beverages; ice will be supplied for the catch. The trip includes pole, bait, and a reasonable amount of gear. Ice for the trip home is included. Additional gear can be bought on board. Fish filleting, crab cooking, and vacuum packaging of the catch is available at a minimal cost.

$250 per person.