Meet the Crew!

Kurt Akin
Captain Kurt Akin has been fishing the pacific Coast since childhood. Working as a deckhand all through his teenage years, the ocean and fishing became his passion. At the age of 19 he received his 100 ton master Captains license. Shortly after Kurt was recruited to a outfit in Prince of Wales Island in Alaska as a skipper, where he mainly took corporate charters on full day excursions. While it was a great experience his family brought him back to the north coast. At one time his family had a fleet of 4 boats and offered trips of 6 people all the way up to 48 in just about every fishery you can think of. The main focus now is to take light loads of people and maximize your fishing experience, with less people per trip your odds of success are greatly improved and you will have a much more enjoyable trip!

We take great pride to give you the best experience there is to offer and look forward to seeing you on the water!